United States to get special edition Zenvo ST1 with free watch

Zenvo ST1 50S 544x300px
(credit: Zenvo) Zenvo ST1 50S | US$1.8 million | www.redseadistribution.com

when we think super cars, we think Italy, Germany and sometimes, the United Kingdom. heck, we didn’t even think Russian could have their home-grown super car but they did anyway. so naturally, when we heard about the Danish sports car Zenvo ST1, we are pretty excited – not that we will be getting (or can afford) one of the three that’s heading to North America but we are excited as an automotive fan. what’s more, the trio will not be just any ST1 but a pumped up special edition that comes with a little freebie: an Aspen watch that’s worth $49,000. under normal circumstances, that Aspen watch seems like a hell lot of money but for this occasion it is just a fraction of the car’s $1.8 million price tag. yeah, you heard it right – the special edition Zenvo ST1 cost a whopping seven-figure sum.
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as mentioned only three of these will be head to the US, one each in red, white and blue. for that crazy price tag, you a twin-charged, 7.0-liter V8 engine that has been pumped up to deliver a mind-boggling 1,250 horsepower (932 kW) and 1,106 lb-ft (1,500 Nm) of metal-twisting torque. additionally, you will get a seven-speed paddle-shifter as opposed to the standard six-speed manual transmission. other features include a dedication plague and monogrammed seats.

Zenvo ST1 Aspen Watch 544x408px

Zenvo ST1 Aspen Watch 544x410px

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