LICKI Brush Silicone Rubber Cat Brush

There’s a reason why cats love to lick each other or themselves. No, wait. Actually they probably don’t love the act; they simply do it because they don’t have frickin’ hands with digits like humans do to hold a brush. However, that does not stop humans to think our feline friends love to be licked and that leads to the creation of the weirdest thing we heard all day: LICKI Brush. Human’s tongue does not have tiny, backward-facing barbs like cats do and so, you won’t be able to give the ‘sensation’ that cats supposedly craved even if you choose to lick your cat with your tongue. But please don’t do that. That’s gross and you will end up stomaching lots of feline hair.

LICKI Brush Silicone Rubber Cat Brush

If you really have to do it, there’s the LICKI Brush, though we are baffled why anyone would want to lick their pussy… cat. Anyways, this pet care tool, which seems to mimic a tongue, is made of soft, food-grade silicone rubber, thus making it perfectly safe for you to bite on, and it is “designed to feel pleasurable to your cat’s sensitive skin,” presumably, a sensation offered by the bristles found on either side of this gigantic-size faux tongue. To use, you just bite down on the biting end and start licking away, or you could use it simply by holding like any humans do, saving yourself the neckache. Amazingly, this isn’t an April’s Fools joke. It is a real thing money can buy for $19. It’s a pre-order which is expected to ship in January 2017.

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Images: PDX Pet Design.

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