If you think you are suffering from wine wrist – the wine drinking equivalent of a desktop-bound computer user’s carpal tunnel – then, you could be drinking one too many bottles, but what the hell? You know what they say? If you need to drink, you need to drink and since a bottle’s not too much, then Guzzle Buddy is for you. As the product name hinted, it is a glass that lets you guzzle down your favorite fruity alcoholic beverage without putting your wrist at risks. Just pop a bottle and stick this XL size wine glass contraption into the bottle opening and voila!, you are ready to gulp down the wine right off the bottle. No pouring necessary and there’s no need for wine stopper too, cos’ Guzzle Buddy Wine Glass doubles as a wine stopper too.

Guzzle Buddy Wine Glass-Stopper

This wine glass/stopper hybrid is made of high quality borosilicate lead-free glass and is huge, boosting 480 ml of volume which you probably don’t care much as you’d be guzzling down the red liquid anyways. The product is actually a few years old now. They are at least two years old now judging from the funny Cougar Town infomercial spoof posted in 2014 (catch it the embedded video after the post). Anyways, this thing kind of resurfaced recently and went viral again. That kind of explains why this $14.49 wine drinking accessory is out of stock so quickly.

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No words on when it will restock. If really want something like this badly, there’s an alternative called Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass going for $17.99 on Amazon. But it requires you to transfer the entire wine content into a wine glass integrated bottle. The principle is the same i.e. lets you guzzle down wine, just that there’s an extra step to it.

Images courtesy of Guzzle Buddy.

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