WeMesh iPhone App

There used to be a time where you and your besties (pals, buds, or whatever you call them) get together at your place to watch VHS or DVD or Blu-ray, depending on your era. But these days, you and your fellow dudes probably do it on your own and discuss whatever you guys have watched on Youtube the next day at school or office. Doesn’t sound quite like fun, does it? Well, that don’t have to be the case if you use WeMesh app. WeMesh app is an interactive iPhone app that friends can watch over two billion YouTube videos together in perfect synchrony even when they are miles apart. Pretty awesome, eh?

In addition to watching the same videos, friends can message back and forth to discuss (or some say ‘bitch’) about the videos, thus putting social interaction, albeit virtually, back into an otherwise rather lonely entertainment. The app also allows group chatting via instant speaker system, so rather than cold, emotionless text, you and besties can hear each other’s voices as if you folks are together in the same room. In addition to inviting new friends to WeMesh via Facebook and Twitter, you can connect with your Facebook account and share with your followers on Twitter, plus you and friends can vote in real-time what to watch next – just like you guys would if the bunch was in the same room.

Sounds like a perfect app to bonding where distance is a hurdle? We think it might very well be. At least, you won’t have to ask your mom if you could stay over at Bob’s or whoever place, ever. And probably the best solution until Star Wars-like holographic technology is available for you and your friends to be virtually together to enjoy some great videos. WeMesh is available as we speak from Apple Appstore as a free to download app. Go check it out.

submitted via TIP US page.