Traveling can be quite a hassle. There are loads of things to look out for and to keep track, and if you are a globetrotters, all these necessary evils can get to you and to be honest, there’s really nothing you can do about it. However, there’s a new app in town that aims to take the hassle out of traveling and it is called Travel Planning App, developed by a Singapore-Swiss outfit, TravelBuddy. Travel app that manages your itineraries is not new, but what TravelBuddy proposes is something equating to bringing an assistant on your travel, except that there’s no actual person with you. It would be the phone and the app that does the job.

Apart from creating automatic itineraries based on the confirmation emails you forward to TravelBuddy like most such apps do, Travel Planning App takes several notches up by letting you do things like checking passport validity and travel requirement from one country to another, and in the process, offer you relevant customs and health information so you won’t get booted for not adhering to regulation. It can, of course, set to alert you of check-in time, inform you of departure gate change (it happens!), or flight delay information.

Furthermore, travel-related info can be stored within the app, so you can have instant access to them even without connectivity. And if you are on a business trips, you’d be glad that this app can manage your travel expenses too. All you have to do is to take snapshot of the receipts to create an automated expense summary. Other key features include additional password protection to protect personal details, option of sharing printable itineraries, manual editing of trips and adding of notes, and link to location address on Google maps so you know where exactly you are heading to.

Travel Planning App by TravelBuddy is available for both Android and iOS and in three versions: Free, Pro ($1/mth) and Biz ($1.50/mth).

Image: TravelBuddy.

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