In future, every information that matters to you, such as those available on your mobile, will be presented right before your eyes, thereby leaving your hands free to do other things. It may sounds like a technology only available when you are suited in an Iron Man suit, but advanced technology research and development company EP Global Communications, has just announced that it is in fact developing “the first successful ‘Augmented Reality’ contact lenses.” Partnering with unnamed mobile app providers and “at least one major mobile network service provider,” EPGL has a bold vision to incorporate smartphone into your eyes.

What this development means, you can forget about smartwatches because notifications like messages from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will pop up on the contact lenses, right before your eyes. EPGL envisions that this revolutionary AR technology will also enable real time language translation, translating foreign signs into your native language and affords images or text streaming into your field of view – all without you having to do anything. The vision is still in its infancy and thus, details, such as what you can do when the notification pops up in front of your eyes, are lacking. The prospect is exciting, nonetheless.

What EPGL proposes is many steps up from what smart glasses and smartwatches have to offer, combined. This technology, Augment Vision, as it is called, is believed to be the future of how we consume social media and mobile contents and the official press text even go on to estimate that Augmented Vision will have a total market worth $120 billion dollars. Now, if that’s true, it will be cake that everybody wants a piece of. Apparently, EPGL will be holding a live conference call at 9PM EST, where the company is poised to make a major announcement, presumably on the topic of AR contact lenses. Though it is unsure if more details will be offered.

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Image: EPGL Medical Sciences, edited by Mikeshouts.

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