Tesla Bot Artificial Intelligence Humanoid

Tesla’s Elon Musk has revealed that Tesla wants to develop AI-powered humanoid robots after the billionaire tech entrepreneur has been warning us about the dangers of artificial intelligence and how it will one day overtake humans.

Tesla Bot Artificial Intelligence Humanoid

The fear of AI overtaking humans is part of why Musk’s other company, Neuralink, exists. The tech Neuralink is developing will help humans in keeping up with AI – in addition to alleviating or curing neural-related diseases, of course.

Long story short, Tesla Bot, as it is called, will be a 5 feet 8 inch (1.72 meters) tall robot with an exceedingly human-like form and tips the scales at 125 lbs (57 kilograms). It will be able to carry up to 45 lbs (20 kilograms) and walk at a tad faster than human walking speed, at 5 mph (1.6 km/h or 0.4 meters per second).

Tesla Bot Artificial Intelligence Humanoid

Instead of having facial features like Sonny did, as one might have expected, Tesla Bot gets a display screen as the face that dishes out important information. The bipedal bot will benefit from Tesla’s self-serving computer technology and will use autopilot cameras as it leverages the EV maker’s expertise in AI using neural net planning, auto-labeling of objects, and simulation capabilities.

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Tesla envisioned the robot to undertake physical labor and mundane tasks, like doing groceries. If you are intrigued, DroneDJ has a comprehensive write-up for your consumption.

Image: Tesla Motors.

via DroneDJ.