When it comes to laptops, the Framework Laptop is everything that the MacBook is not because it is repairable and upgradeable. In fact, it is everything that every laptop is not because there is a DIY edition that comes as a kit that lets you customize and put together a laptop. It is essentially a barebone laptop.

Framework Repairable and Upgradeable Laptop

With the DIY edition, which starts at just US$749, you bring your own memory, storage, WiFi, and OS. However, if you prefer to pick up the components from just one place, Framework also offers you a wide range of options too. It’s your call.

For those who rather not roll up their sleeves, the Framework Laptop is a configurable thin and lightweight 13.5-inch laptop that you are welcome to upgrade and repair.

As far as aesthetic goes, Framework looks pretty too and so, I guess it is a win-win for enthusiasts?

Framework Repairable and Upgradeable Laptop

The configurable Framework Laptop has a pretty affordable starting price too, at just US$999. FYI… when we said “configurable”, whether be it the case of DIY or the non-DIY version, we do mean configurable. Like, right down to the ports which are actually modular and can be replaced to suit your need. Now, my friends, that is the next level of configurable.

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There is a caveat, though. As of now, Framework only ships to the US and Canada. If you are located in North America and if you are in the market for a laptop and you have a knack for tech, then Framework Laptop may be worthy of consideration.

Framework Repairable and Upgradeable Laptop

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