New 2020 Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro Now Starts At US$1,299

There is never a good time to buy a laptop. Like, you know, you buy one and then a new, more powerful model pops out of nowhere. But with Apple, it is actually a little more predictable. Speaking of which, Apple have just updated its 13-inch MacBook Pro last month (on Star Wars Day, to […]

New iPad Pro Revealed With LiDAR Scanner And Trackpad Support; MacBook Air Gets Updated

If you are looking to replace your aging iPad Pro and/or MacBook Air, well, the time is here. It has been a while since the last iPad Pro and MacBook Air were introduced. Today, the long awaited updates for both iPad Pro and MacBook Air have been announced, and there are actually pretty exciting.

Chromebook Vs. MacBook Vs. Windows. Which Is Better?

Choosing a portable computer, aka laptop or notebook, used to be an easy choice. If you are a windows fan, you’d buy a windows laptop. If you are a fan of Apple products and you could spend the money on one of the MacBook’s, then that is what you did. Simple and straightforward.

New iPad Pro Announced, Along With All-new MacBook Air And New Mac mini

The dust have yet to settle for the new iPhones and we have more new Apple products to tempt you to part with your hard earned money. On an October 30 event, Apple has unveiled the new iPad Pro, along with an all-new MacBook Air and new Mac mini. I know the rumors have being […]

Apple MacBook Pro Gets Updated With Faster Processor And New Features

Apple has updated its MacBook Pro laptops, now boasting faster performance and new pro features, including Touch Bar (and of course, Touch ID), 8th-gen Intel Core processors – with 6-core available on the 15-inch model and quad-core for the 13-inch model, along with support for up to 32 GB RAM, True Tone Retina display and […]

The Next macOS Is Mojave, Has Dark Mode And iOS Features

In addition to the new watchOS 5, Apple has also previewed a new macOS operating system called macOS Mojave. This major OS update feature list is long and extensive, but in a nutshell, it will feature a new Dark Mode, new Stacks feature, iOS apps like News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home, group calling for […]

Designer Dream Up A MacBook That Is Inspired By iPhone X’s Design

There are a lot changes to the MacBook over the years, but one has remain the same: it is still the wedge cross section form. In fact, that has been the design language of almost all laptops in existence today. TBH, like the smartphone, there’s really nothing much you can do about the aesthetic of […]

Bold MacBook Pro 2018 Concept Has Huge Touch Keyboard/Pad Hybrid

Now that Apple has implemented touch bar on its MacBook Pro, it wouldn’t be farfetched to think that in future, the entire keyboard, along with the touch pad, will be replaced by a huge-ass touch-based keyboard. Such a design is exactly what Seattle-based industrial design student Daniel Brunsteiner is driving with his MacBook Pro 2018 […]

This Is How You Can Test Drive MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar On Your Mac

We picked up this news three weeks ago but we thought it wouldn’t matter cos’ Mac users are unlikely to be skeptical about the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. Fact is, everyone, Mac users or not, has the right to be skeptical. I mean, we are talking about removing the entire row of function keys […]

Apple Updates 12-inch MacBook With Faster Chip And Longer Battery Life

With the technology moving so fast, there is never a good time to buy gadgets and so, you might as well grab it if you really need it (unless it is being widely reported that new stuff is coming). Speaking of fast moving, I don’t recall Apple being so eager in updating their laptops, but […]