Apple Patent for MacBook with Apple Pencil

Apple has resisted the adoption of a touchscreen. But that may change after the company has filed a patent at the US Patent & Trademark Office for a MacBook with Apple Pencil.

Apple Patent for MacBook with Apple Pencil

Pardon for my technical ignorance, but if a MacBook supports Apple Pencil, then it is a touchscreen computer, innit? Anywho, as per the schematic filed along with the patent, the pencil will fill the space previously occupied by the function buttons/Touch Bar.

It is worthy to note that the Pencil may very well replace the F-keys entirely – in addition to being an input device on both the screen and the trackpad. But with just the drawings, it is hard to imagine how the MacBook would look like, but thanks to Sarang Sheth (yes, it’s him again!) from Yanko Design, we now get an idea how it would look like if the MacBook is based on current design language.

Apple Patent for MacBook with Apple Pencil

It is to note that Sheth has taken the liberty to add a scaled-down Touch Bar, alongside the Touch ID, in spite of the rumors that Apple may be getting rid of the Touch Bar for good.

Being a long-time MacBook user, I must say I am not thrilled. Here’s why. If a regular size Apple Pencil were to be integrated into the chassis of the laptop, it would inevitably bump up the thickness which I am not a fan of. Plus, I am never a fan of touchscreen laptops anyways. But that’s just me. You can see more of Sheth’s render HERE.

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Images and source: Yanko Design.