Bandai Electronic Bubble Wrap Popping Toy

Bubble wrap is one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. It has helped keep goods safe while in transit and at the end of its journey, it offers some folks a little harmless and somewhat stress-relieving entrainment: bubble popping.

Bandai Electronic Bubble Wrap Popping Toy

But here’s the thing. That fun will come to an end sooner than anybody liked. And so, here’s a solution from toymaker, Bandai: ∞ Bubble Wrap AIR. Apparently, this isn’t the first; it is an update the one introduced in 2007. I guess the overall stress people are experiencing in 2020/2021 calls for its reboot.

Anyhoo, the ∞ Bubble Wrap AIR is an electronic bubble wrap simulator that has only one purpose: for you to pop the bubble till the cows come home. As long it has the battery, you can keep popping away.

This five-square-centimeter (0.8-square-inch) toy has buttons that recreate the size, texture and feel of bubble wrap bubbles, and it has an onboard speaker that puts out the familiar sound when a bubble is popped.

Bandai Electronic Bubble Wrap Popping Toy

You know what? I see it as an addiction killer for getting rid of your desire to pop the bubble wrap whenever you see one. How? Because ∞ Bubble Wrap AIR has an extra regular bubble wrap does have.

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In addition to the usual pop sound, it has seven surprise sounds, like cat meowing or crack of a baseball bat, for example, that will randomly serve up. Well, you know what they say? Life is like a ∞ Bubble Wrap AIR, you never know what sound you will get and when you will get it. OK. That’s not true. Nobody says that. At least not with a bubble wrap anyways.

The ∞ Bubble Wrap AIR is a recipient of the 2021 Japan Toy Award, btw. It’s not hard to see why because, I already find myself wanting one. I think it is the best use of bubble wrap since after the iPhone case (and as a packaging material, of course).

The ∞ Bubble Wrap AIR is available from several retailers, including Amazon Japan for around 1,078 yen (about US$9.87).

Images: SoraNews24.

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