To celebrate its 55th anniversary, MercedesAMG has partnered with Italian shoe and leather maker Santoni for a Capsule Collection that includes boots, sneakers, and raceboxer for men and women.

Santoni for AMG Capsule Collection

The Santoni for AMG is produced in a limited run of just 55 pieces each and all anniversary models bear the “55 years” logo to mark the 55th anniversary of Mercedes-AMG. The footwear is presented in AMG colors, namely black, gray, white, and red, and features the AMG logo.

For the uninitiated, Mercedes-AMG and Santoni partnership isn’t new. It has been going for years and it started with FIA-approved racing shoes and stylish casual shoes. That said, one of the models is actually a nod to this long-standing partnership.

The model in question is the unisex model “Raceboxer” featuring high upper and lacing, exclusively designed for the 55th anniversary of Mercedes-AMG. “Raceboxer”, as the name implies, is a marriage between sports shoes for boxers and racers.

It is a reinterpretation of Santoni’s very first ‘Santoni for AMG’ model created in 2007. While the “Raceboxer” interprets lifestyle and luxury in a very sporty and expressive way (read: fashionable in a sporty way), it is also approved and certified by the FIA for professional racing use. Like, how cool is that? I thought it is super cool.

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If you are down, the Santoni for AMG Capsule Collection is available now via Santoni Online Boutique, with a starting price of US$650.

But you may want to act on it fast because, as far as the Santoni US website goes, sizes for both men and women are running out fast.

All images courtesy of Mercedes-AMG/Santoni.

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