As you no doubt know; there are hundreds, if not thousands of games for both consoles and computers launched every year. These games cover all the major genres, and many have in-depth and immersive storylines to improve the experience of the player.

This includes introducing elements that are not always seen in video games, like gambling. While this doesn’t feature in every game, here are four where it adds an extra dimension to the plot.

#1 Red Dead Redemption 2

In the Red Dead Redemption 2 game, there are no actual casinos due to the game being based in a period of time when casinos did not actually exist, however, you will be able to visit Saloons in order to have your character play casino games such as poker and blackjack just like the ones found at Online Casino as well as have them carry out other actions such as eating, drinking and booking a room for the night.

#2 Sonic The Hedgehog 2

In Sonic the Hedgehog 2 there is a whole level devoted to the slots casino game and it is called the Casino Night Zone, and is played over two acts. This can be great fun especially as you have Tails bouncing alongside you as you play Sonic. By propelling yourself into the slot machine you can if you are lucky, and you do get multiple chances, win masses of rings to take on to the end of the level, however, you do have to be careful because you can be unlucky, and it is not improbable that you could lose a fair few too.

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#3 Pokémon Blue

Indeed, if you know where to look you will find that there is a games corner located in Pokémon Blue called Celadon City game corner. This is where you will be able to play slots games in order for your character to win prizes. Although this is not as straightforward as in Sonic you will have fun fulfilling the correct criteria in order to enjoy the slots games available to you.

#4 GTA San Andreas

In the game GTA San Andreas, you can enter three casinos and play the games therein. This will increase your character’s gambling skills and potentially win him money, however, if you find yourself losing you can, if you want, borrow money from the house, but you do have to remember that unless you win it all back plus more, you will have other problems to deal with.

So, To Wrap It All Up

So, although you may not get the same level of thrill and excitement as you would if you visited an actual casino or even an online casino, you will still be familiar with the games that they offer due to the games listed above and indeed more that haven’t been mentioned.

However, what the games mentioned above offer is not only the learning and practicing of the casino games but also the knowledge that you are only betting with your character’s money and not your own hard-earned cash, or indeed, in the case of Sonic; his rings rather than money.

Featured image: Rockstar Games/Sega/Nintendo.

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