If you are one of those parents who wish your child could have a mobile phone to communicate with you but not distracted by apps and such, well, then we supposed the Phonie AKA WIME Talkase T1S Mobile Phone could be the answer. Phonie is not phony, btw, it is a real, functional mobile phone that goes back to basics with essential of communication, including making calls and text messaging. There’s no distractions typical of today’s smartphone, which means this cute gadget here has no calculator, no Internet access, no games and no cameras.

Phonie AKA WIME Talkase T1S Mobile Phone

While it may be basic, it does boast modern features like 1.1-inch LCD display, ability to synchronize contacts from a smartphone, file manager, profiles, smart magnetic charging, recording functionality, and settings (yes, it has that too). Most importantly is perhaps the size: it is super tiny (read: cute), about the size of a credit card and at just 0.23-inch thick, it should fit into a wallet like a glove. At this size, I envision it as a backup phone which should come in handy when Pokémon Go drains out both my smartphone and power bank’s battery. It runs on GSM, uses a micro SIM card, and has a built-in 200 mAh battery that provides up to three days of standby time.

And oh, it is totally unlocked and costs under $60.

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