You know how some people said (some) beers taste like piss? Well, I can tell those people knows nothing, because clearly those beers aren’t made of urine, but then again, they could have drank this lager called From Sewer to Brewer which, if you haven’t get it from its name, is actually beer brewed from water extracted from piss. Of course, if you have a sip of From Sewer to Brewer you won’t be able to know because it was the water extracted that was used to produce the alcoholic beverage and it is therefore, without contaminants and naturally, void of any other sort of contaminants previously present in urine. So, don’t be alarm. It is just pure water. And for the record, the water does not have any unorthodox therapeutic benefits either.

The urine was collected from a local festival and put through a simple process which involves heating the bodily waste fluid in a solar-powered boiler. The vapor produced in the evaporation process is then further filtered to remove any undesirable elements and the resulting water is then used in the process of brewing beer. Therefore, you won’t be drinking piss in a literal sense. Though turning sewer water into drinkable water is not the new, but this invention from University of Ghent, Belgium stands as one that does away with reliance on electrical power, which means it can be deployed to remote regions where electricity aren’t consistent or not available at all. Having said that, scientists at University of Ghent have expressed the hope that their development can help to provide fertilizing minerals and clean water for people in developing areas where there’s no electricity.

Anywho, as mentioned, turning wastewater into something drinkable isn’t new. In fact, the island state of Singapore has already succeeded in turning wastewater from sewage into drinkable water called NEWater. For years, this ‘new water’ is part of the mix of the country’s water supply, in addition to treated water from reservoirs, desalination plants, as well as water acquired from Singapore’s neighbor, Malaysia. Granted, Singapore didn’t actually collect piss from partygoers to be used specifically to reclaim the water and the process Singapore utilizes requires electricity to power the various processes, but the country could be unknowingly creating beer out of piss, since some beers are actually brewed in Singapore.

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