Terra Wind Luxury Amphibious Motor Coach | From US$850,000 | www.terrawind.com

I never thought an amphibious motor coach is possible due to its sheer size but that’s exactly what Terra Wind has done. Presenting the world’s first luxury amphibious motor coach (or was it a boathouse?), a perfect choice for the flicker-minded who cannot decide between a motor coach or a yacht because it is both! The obvious boon here is, when you get ashore, you can drive yourself direct home without the need to fiddle with the tow hook and all that jazz. perfect. perfect. perfect.

Terra Wind is equipped with both road transmission and marine transmission, thus allowing a seamless transition from road to water and vice versa. Prices start from US$850,000, with the luxuriously appointed version you see here costing around US$1.2 million. Well, nobody said the best of both worlds is going to be cheap. Check out more images below.


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