G-Shock Dragon Ball Z and One Piece Watches

Two of Casio G-Shock‘s latest collabs are sure to please anime fans. Revealed in Japan on the same day, on June 17, are the G-Shock x Dragon Ball Z and G-Shock x One Piece GA-110-based collaborative wrist watches.

G-Shock Dragon Ball Z and One Piece Watches

You know what? Sometimes I’d complain about the design of collaborative watches being a little too subtle. But these two collaborative are the opposite. The duo sure sure has a lot going on in the design aspect.

The predominantly orange Dragon Ball Z GA-110JDB features the word “Dragon Ball” across the orange band that seamlessly melts in with the rest of the orange colorway. Line art of Goku is cleverly integrated to create an unmistakable anime vibe.

Gold accents can be found on the dial face where a four-star motif associated with Goku and the seven dragon balls, along with the symbol “Z” can be found on the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock position, respectively.

The Dragon Ball Z logo can also be found engraved on the case back, as well as as print on the matching color tin case and packaging.

Meanwhile, One Piece GA-110JOP takes on a less bright tone. The One Piece GA-110 has a black base color with the entire watch “dynamically” designed with illustrations showing the Luffy growing and becoming stronger.

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I leaning towards the white and maroon against black design than the DBZ. Anywho, One Piece GA-110 also boasts a very lovely touch and that is the small dial at 9 o’clock appears to be wearing Luffy’s trademark straw hat.

The word “WANTED”, which is commonly seen in the manga, can be found prominently displayed at the 3 o’clock mark.

There’s another surprise design feature. When the hour and minute hands land on 2 and 4 o’clock, respectively, they form a X-shaped with the gold line on the dial. The X-shaped here is, of course, a nod to the scar on the protagonist’s chest.

Rounding up the package is a G-Shock x One Piece branding engraved on the case back as well as print on the black tin can and packaging.

The Casio G-Shock x Dragon Ball Z will sell for 26,400 yen when it becomes available in August. The Casio G-Shock x One Piece, on the other hand, also sells for 26,400 yen but the watch will be available as soon as this month.

All images courtesy of Casio [JP].