DODOcase for Kindle Fire with a special launch price

DODOcase for Kindle Fire
DODOcase for Kindle Fire | US$49.95 |

Kindle is synonymous with eBook reader and it is the electronic book of our time, especially when it comes from the world’s largest online book retailer, Amazon. so it makes perfect sense to give this 21st century book a cover (or case) that makes it look like a real book (even though it now does more than just letting you read eBooks) and for that, you have the DODOcase for Kindle Fire. like the original DODOcase for iPad, the cover is crafted from black Moroccan cloth using traditional bookbinding techniques and it readily folds back, letting it to be used as a stand for ease of typing or watching videos. an one-piece tray crafted from Bamboo, a sustainable material, keeps your Kindle Fire in place within this classy cover and an elastic strap keeps the cover closed like the traditional hardbound book. the bamboo tray features cutouts for access to all buttons and ports, while thoughtful incorporation of sound channels serve to direct the audio from your Kindle Fire’s built-in speakers. the DODOcase for Kindle Fire cover is in the good old black but the interior is available in a variety of color choices, including red, green, sky-blue, and charcoal. currently available via DODOcase web store, the DODOcase for Kindle Fire is up for grab at a special launch price of $44.95 and by quoting the coupon code (‘dodofamily’), you get yourself another 10% off. that’s $39.96 a pop, if you do the math. a few more views after the break.
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