DODOcase for the new iPad

DODOcase for the new iPad
(photos: DODOcase) DODOcase Essentials and Spring/Summer 2012 | from US$69.95 |

the hunt for the perfect case for the soon-to-arrive new iPad is now on and DODOcase is quick to be among the first to hit you with some colorful options. the collections, dubbed as the DODOcase Essentials and DODOcase Spring/Summer, embodies the same features and craftsmanship you expect from the original DODOcase but presented in new fabric exterior and new bold seasonal hues. additionally, DODOcase now offers the option to add a camera hold on these new iPad cases so that you can take full advantage of the new iPad’s improved camera. prices for the new iPad case starts from $69.95 for the Essentials, while the cases from the Spring/Summer collection cost $79.95 each. add $4.95 if you want a camera hole on your case and for a starting price of $9.95, you can now personalized your case using hot foil stamping technique via three locations – including our dream location: the spine! hurray!

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