Aimicat Automatic Cat Litter

Cat litter. It is not a pleasant thing to deal with. Not only you will have put with the inevitable odor, but you also need to deal with the aftermath which puts you even closer to the smell. With the Aimicat Automatic Cat Litter, though, it will relieve you of those unpleasant experiences.

Sensors inside the cat litter pod are able to detect cat’s waste, removes it and automatically replaces the litter. Aimicat touts “extreme litter efficiency” and claims that with this device, you could save up to 4 times the cat litter when compared with traditional litter box.

Aimicat Automatic Cat Litter

Sensing system detects the cat’s presence and knows when kitty is done with its business before proceeding to dispose the excrement into the used-litter compartment just beneath the pod.

The drawer-style bin keeps the smell sealed in while a filtration system, consisting of replaceable carbon filter and a small but powerful fan, eliminates the odor. The fan creates a negative air pressure deodorizing system that pushes smells towards the carbon filter, thus keeping the air inside the pod sterile.

Aimicat Automatic Cat Litter

Aimicat says that each Aimicat is able to replace up to 4 traditional cat litters. So, you’d be saving quite a bit of space too.

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If you are down, you can pre-order Aimicat Automatic Cat Litter by pledging for a product on Kickstarter. But you may want to hurry because, at the time of this post, only two units are left at the special price of US$229 and when those are snapped up, you are looking at US$249. Then again, that’s still a significant discount over its eventual retail price of around 300 dollars.

Images: Aimicat.