ER Pandemic Simulator PC Video Game

While we salute the sacrifices of frontline healthcare workers during this pandemic, we can’t really do anything more than to keep ourselves safe. However, with the upcoming ER Pandemic Simulator PC video game, you can put yourself in the frontline to fight a pandemic. Here’s the gist of the game:

“Many people in a crisis ask themselves what the situation on the frontline looks like. Today, this frontline is healthcare and emergency departments. We’re going to answer that question via our latest video game, faithfully reproducing the hard work of a doctor.”

ER Pandemic Simulator PC Video Game

And here are the features:

•   simulator that shows Hospital Emergency Ward department during the virus pandemic
•   attention to medical details, serious and respectfully approach
•   a health encyclopedia with symptoms of over 70 diseases and treatments
•   a laboratory that can identify more than 30 strains of bacteria and viruses
•   12 different self-service diagnostic devices
•   a 3-floor hospital with over 100 rooms to manage
•   strong strategic focus - ordering medications and equipment, etc.
•   an “investigation” system - medical history

You know what I see here? I see the opportunity to be a doctor without putting yourself through med school and burdening yourself with student loans.

ER Pandemic Simulator is the work of Movie Games S.A., a listed entity (since 2018) on Warsaw Stock Exchange-operated NewConnect board in Poland.

ER Pandemic Simulator PC Video Game

The company claims that it has benefited during this unprecedented time due to the spike in gaming during lock down all over the world, and it wanted to give back with this particular video game.

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And no. The game isn’t free, but the company promised to commit 10 percent of ER Pandemic Simulator’s revenue to COVID-19 relive efforts by WHO and Polish hospitals. No indicative of when it will arrive, nor is the price known.

Images: Movie Games S.A..