In quarantine, but the dog still need to be walked? While I may not have a solution, you may learn from a man in Cyprus. The man in quarantine used a drone to take his dog out for a walk, so he does not have to physically do so.

Not sure what’s the practice in Cyprus in handling this global pandemic, but I am pretty sure this video of a drone walking the dog, or rather, the dog walking the drone – as it appeared to be the case, was created out of novelty and fun. Why? Like, who was taking the video anyways?

Walking Dog with an Unmanned Drone in Cyprus

Regardless of the intention, this Cypriot sure gave us an insight to the future. In some novels, TV shows and movies, there were times where robots were depicted to be taking after pets.

Just that in this real-life example, it wasn’t a robot and it wasn’t autonomous. Like I have said, it could be a peek into the future… if your neighbors don’t mind a flying eye plying the neighborhood. Here, have a look at the video below.

Images: Facebook (Vakis Demetriou).

Source: Futurism.

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