Tesla Cybertruck is perhaps the most polarizing vehicle in automobile’s history. The thing is, however much you want to get your hands on one, it won’t happen until 2021 – the latest. But if luck has it for LEGO Ideas member BrickinNick, we may be able to land ourselves a LEGO version.

BrickinNick has submitted a LEGO Ideas Tesla Cybertruck pitch last December but already, it has garnered 10,000 supports and thereby, qualifying it for a review by the LEGO panel.

LEGO Ideas Tesla Cybertruck BrickinNick

At this point, BrickinNick’s LEGO iteration has functional frunk (front trunk) and tailgate. BrickinNick said opening passenger doors, a full interior, fold or slide out ramp, opening charging ports, steering, suspension, the Tesla ATV, and more could all be integrated, and are being worked on for future project updates.

So, whether or not you will be able to get your hands on this futuristic electrical full-sized pickup truck, hopes in getting the LEGO version are high.

LEGO Ideas Tesla Cybertruck BrickinNick

BrickinNick’s Tesla Cybertruck is not only LEGO Tesla Cybertruck, but clearly, there’s a reason why has an unprecedented support. It is, well, pretty damn accurate. It is not the first “accurate” LEGO iteration of the prolific EV, however.

Also, LEGO had an ultra geometric version previously, albeit one with the purpose of poking fun at Cybertruck’s angular form. Over here, Cybertruck is a no go and here’s me hoping that this set gets green lit.

Images: LEGO Ideas (BrickinNick).

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