It was 1970 when the robotic cat from the distance future (year 2112), known as Doraemon, dropped into the life of children of the 60s and 70s. To celebrate its 50 years of Doraemon manga, Shogakukan’s Tentōmushi Comics is releasing a new set of “100 Years Doraemon” collector’s edition manga set.

Wait. Why 100 years when it is in fact, 50 years? Well, the premise is to have this collector’s edition to survive till 22nd century, specifically 2112, when Doraemon was born. In order to withstand the test of time, the Doraemon Manga Set Collector’s Edition is crafted with methodology and materials that will survive several decades.

Doraemon Manga Set Collector’s Edition

For starter, each manga is hardcover with cloth front cover – the first for the series. The illustrations on the comic book are by graphic design Naoko Nakui and are silkscreen printed, stamped with gold foil.

Each book is thread-bound and specially designed to enable it to open flat and each page is made from high-quality “Opera Clear Max” paper that will not deteriorate over time. The manga features remastered print using latest in print technology. In other words, it will have higher resolution while retaining the original pen touch.

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The collection, which contains all 45 volumes, will be delivered three special boxes, each packing 15 volumes. That’s not all. Shogakuka is going big with commemoration event. Fans who picked up the 100 Years Doraemon will have the chance to pick up a special bookshelf designed in likeness of the famous Doraemon’s Anywhere Door.

The door of the Anywhere Door Bookshelf opens up to reveal three shelves, each with a capacity of 15 volumes. The Anywhere Door Bookshelf is produced by furniture maker Karimoku and it is a joint development between Shogakuka, Medicom Toy and Karimoku.

Other goodies Shogakuka will be dishing out include previously unreleased colored illustrations printed in the original colors, a complete index (a glossary of sort for characters and Secret Gadgets), Volume 0 featuring variations of the first ever Doraemon story, a Doraemon and Nobita Nobi reading a book figure, and Furoshiki cloth that is large enough to can wrap the collection boxes.

Not sure about the pricing of the goodies, but the Doraemon Manga Set Collector’s Edition will sell for a cool 70,000 yen plus tax (around US$654!).

Images: Shogakuka.

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