How many of you here still remember the good’ol manual hand drill? Sadly, I am old enough to see one in action in person. My grandad, who was a carpenter, had at least one at home. These days, manual chore like drilling soft materials is taken over by power drills, but if you really think about it, there are several instances where you need a manual hand drill like the Weichuan Manual Hand Drill you see here. Whatever the instances are, you know one thing for sure: it is dead quiet and so, you can work on whatever, whenever, without rousing the neighbors.

Weichuan Manual Hand Drill

But seriously, IMHO, the best is, you can just pick up and start working without worrying if the battery is charged, or in the case of a wired power drill, there is no worrying if a power outlet is nearby or not. I believe many folks have not seen or work with a manual drill like the Weichuan and if you haven’t, you should really give it a go. Plus, it costs just 25 bucks. Thus, it makes for a handy hand tool to have. The power it has is what your hands can offer.

Weichuan Manual Hand Drill

It is obviously not designed for stupid hard materials like concrete, but it is good enough for woods, plastics, metal, fiber glass and similar soft materials – and it can do so with precision. Weichuan Manual Hand Drill features a tough steel cast construction with a double pinion gear design, a 3-jaw chuck secured with a supplied chuck key, a hollow ABS plastic handle that offers a space for storing drill bits and it is available in two sizes: a 1/4-inch capacity that fits 0.6-6 mm bits and a 3.8-inch model that accepts 1.5-10 mm bits.

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You can find Weichuan Manual Hand Drill over on Amazon, selling for $25> and $26.99 for the 1/4-inch capacity and the 3/8-inch capacity, respectively.

Weichuan Manual Hand Drill

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