Sexism and perceived style are why ladies’ jeans don’t have functional, deep front pockets. In the early days, ladies had no ridiculously large phone (much less a phone, really) and had less “touch up” essentials to bring it with them. Despite this change in usage habits, denim hasn’t change a bit. Well, that is until now. Meet Radian Jeans that literally give ladies deep pockets.

Radian Deep Front Pockets Jeans

Now, deep pockets aren’t new to jeans; they are back pockets that has its own set of issues – but more on that in a bit. With Radian Jeans, it has functional deep front pockets that are big enough to swallow anything from lipstick to wallet to big smartphone, and it does so while maintaining comfort, afforded by a 4-way stretch material that also allows freedom of movement and unflattering fit. Seriously, deep front pockets could be the single most important innovations in 2018.

Radian Deep Front Pockets Jeans

While the deepen pockets at the front are new design addition, the back pockets also gets an overhaul too – by the way of discreet flap on the inside of the pocket that will prevent items in it from falling out. The importance of the flap cannot be overstated because, it will save your phone from taking a dive into the toilet when you use the toilet.

Other key features include COOLMAX All Season technology for temperature regulation, Schoeller NanoSphere Technology stain repellent (on white jeans only), sweet custom buttons, and unique floral pattern under the cuff for customize wear (on light blue, indigo and jet black jeans only).

Radian Deep Front Pockets Jeans

There are 2 styles, mid-rise Radian Jeans to choose from: skinny and straight, and they are available via Kickstarter where you can get a pair for as low as $69 (or $99 for the white stain repellent variety). Continue reading for the product pitch video to learn more.

Radian Deep Front Pockets Jeans

Images courtesy of Radian Jeans.

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