this 1:8 Lamborghini Aventador cost 4.5 million euro

Robert Gülpen with his custom 1:8 scale Lamborghini Aventador 600x700px
(credit: RGE / David Kaiser) Custom 1:8 scale Lamborghini Aventador | €4.5 million |

big boy toys like the Lamborghini Aventador would be out of reach most common folks like us here but as ingenious species, we learn to satisfy those unreachable wants by owning a smaller scale model example. perhaps not, if the scale model is made from exquisite materials like carbon fiber for its scaled body just like the original car, platinum and gold crafted wheels, and diamonds on its miniature seats, headlamps and steering wheel. save for the carbon fiber, the rest are materials that you hardly find in a real-life automobile.
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created by German car modeler, Robert Gülpen, this luxe scale model you see here, snagged the crown of the world’s most expensive toy car model with a price tag starting from €3.5 million (about US$4.8 million) when it goes under the hammer this December. that’s almost twelve times more than what a real drivable Aventador LP 700-4 would cost in Europe. but, if you are rich beyond filthy rich, this scale model car can be yours for just €4.5 million (about US$6.2 million) without putting yourself through the dreadful bidding process.

for those who are lucky enough to be at the Frankfurt Motor Show, you might have caught a glimpse of this tiny wonder but if not, hit past the jump for a few more images of this exquisite scale model live in Frankfurt (beautifully captured by David Kaiser, courtesy of Autoblog).

via DVICE via Autoblog via Oddity Central

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