Attention fashion watch collectors. You may want to check out this wonderful collaboration between Japanese streetwear label A Bathing Ape aka BAPE and Swiss watchmaker, Swatch. The Swatch x BAPE Wrist Watch Collection is based on Swatch Big Bold line and bold they kind of are.

Swatch x BAPE Wrist Watch Collection

If the huge 47 mm case size of the Swatch x BAPE Wrist Watch Collection did not get your attention, I am pretty the bold colors will. Speaking of which… the collection consists of three models, or three colors, to be precise, and they are Tokyo White Multi Camo, Tokyo Black Multi Camo and Tokyo Gray Multi Camo.

The ‘camo’, which is on the watch band, is cheerful and fun, multi-colored version. As a nod BAPE’s birth city, ‘Tokyo’ can be found on the watch band loop as well as on the bezel, along with name of the brands’ favorite megacities.

Swatch x BAPE Wrist Watch Collection

The dial face is in camo too, but as outlines against a silver, gold, or bronze dial face depending on the model. The collection is presented in a packaging featuring signature BAPE camouflage print design, encasing a hard-case box.

Swatch x BAPE Wrist Watch Collection is available since Thursday, August 6th and it is available on starting today, Saturday, August 8th. But as always, we checked and at the time of this post, it wasn’t on the website yet. Did we missed anything? Also, we have no idea what’s the price.

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Images: BAPE [US].

Source: Hypebeast.

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