Though burgers have been viewed as a western cuisine, it has since become a global phenomena enjoyed by many around the world. Like many food (such as burgers’ lovely companion French Fries), the history of burgers is rather vague and often invites debate. However, unlike technology progress, perhaps the topic of where it started with regards to food is not quite big of a deal and hence, with burgers, looking forward is the only logical thing we need to do. We did try looking up on the history of burgers, but the information presented on serve to confuse us further.

So, I will say instead of brooding over the past, we might as well see how burgers have evolved across the world as interpreted by Medway Leisure Travel (note: we’re not affiliated to them in anyway) and presented by NeoMam Studios. Though, admittedly, the infographic is not exhaustive, but it is an interesting perspective nonetheless. If we had our way, we would probably include Five Guys Burgers and Fries and The Soup Spoon’s The Handburger in it. Anywho, if you happen to visit the following countries or states, those delightful burgers may be worthy of your bite. Enjoy!

Warning: We are not responsible for any sudden hunger crunch.

The Burger Lover

The Burger Lover’s Atlas [Infographic] by the team at Medway Leisure Travel

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