Somewhere between fixed posed Shin Ultraman figures and highly posable action figures that have a shit load of visible joins is this: the Shin Ultraman Collectible Vinyl Figure by Megahouse.

Shin Ultraman Collectible Vinyl Figure by Megahouse

What makes this MegaHouse offering stands out is that it is semi-posable without breaking the beautiful lines of the new Ultraman. It will satisfy collectors with the need for size too because it is huge, towering at 400 mm (15.7 inches) tall.

The Shin Ultraman Collectible Vinyl Figure is made from PVC and ABS material and offers light and sound gimmicks. The eyes have LED which when lit up also triggers a set of sound effects, including transformation sound, ray sound, and flight sound.

Shin Ultraman Collectible Vinyl Figure by Megahouse

It is a fixed pose figure. However, the figure does include a pair of interchangeable arms that lets you switch between the iconic Ultra Beam firing pose and the poised to fight pose.

The figure comes affixed on an ABS pedestal with the Shin Ultraman branding in katakana and English. The pedestal is where you will find the switch to turn the light and sound effects on and off. If posability is not high on your priority list, then I think MegaHouse’s Shin Ultraman figure is a good alternative.

Shin Ultraman Collectible Vinyl Figure by Megahouse

Though I thought it really should have come with an effect part for the Ultra Beam.  I mean, this figure isn’t cheap. It will run you back at 30,800 yen (about US$229), tax included, which is way more expensive than the highly posable, similar height Bandai Dynaction version. The light and sound effects are powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included).

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Images: Megahouse.

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