S.H.Figuarts Shin Ultraman Action Figure

Unless you are a super fan of Ultraman, you wouldn’t have known that the original concept design of the gigantic alien superhero has no color timer on his chest. The color timer was introduce to limit the time the actor had to be in the suit which can get ready hot pretty fast and also addressed why Ultraman can’t be Ultraman all the time.

S.H.Figuarts Shin Ultraman Action Figure

Anywho, as a nod to the original concept by Toru Narita, the 2021 Shin Ultraman will do without the color timer and also has a more slender body like the original art. Talking about body, the new superhero of gigantic proportion’s body shape is shaped after its original 1966 suit actor, Bin Furuya.

While we do not have fixed date for the movie’s release, we do know that a collectible action figure by Bandai’s S.H.Figuarts based on the movie will be released in June 2021.

S.H.Figuarts Shin Ultraman Action Figure

In addition to the missing color timer and slim body, the new Ultraman will not spot the iconic slits on the eyes (previously required for actor to see). The head fin, which extends all the way to the upper back, is now gone for good too.

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This being a figure from S.H.Figuarts, you can accept exceptional posability and wide range of motions. But be warned though, its ability to stand on its on is rather questionable. I have the current classic Ultraman figure from S.H.Figuarts and I can say it takes patience to pose it and not fall.

S.H.Figuarts Shin Ultraman Action Figure

S.H.Figuarts Shin Ultraman Action Figure will go on sale starting in June 2021, in Japan, priced at 5,000 yen plus tax a pop (about US$48). You will be available to find it selling on both on and offline retailers. Folks outside of Japan can pick it up from Amazon, AmiAmi and the likes.

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Images: Bandai [JP].

Source: Yahoo! [JP].