There are a lot of multi-tools out there that addresses your need for a bottle opener, but not many are brave enough to be making a single-purpose tool to pop open a cold one and for that, we applaud Tactica’s spirit. In the name of building a precision bottle opener with the sole purpose of opening bottled beverages, this Melbourne-based outfit has designed and made a superbly pretty bottle opener called Tactica One. Made of military-grade polymer with high strength-to-weight ratio, the Tactica One is completely food safe (it’s FDA approved, alright) and boasts a flex blade to soften the opening and an ergonomic design that feels natural on your hand.

Tactica One Precision Bottle Opener

It is unlike any bottle opener we have seen and it is possibly as handsome as a bottle opener can ever get. Period. Heck, in fact it look so awesome that we suspect that even those who don’t pop bottled drinks would love to have one in their bag or pocket. Another aspect worth noting is, this is not your typical bottle opener where some makers simply leave the prying strength to the brute strength of steel; it took 80 prototypes during the development process to reach what it is today and the folks even went to the extend of using specialist software to run stress analysis of the design to ensure that the molded design will be able to handle the duress of popping bottles.

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To invest so much time and money into a single-purpose product, let alone one that only opens bottle, may sound silly to some, but for us, we totally appreciate the attention to detail and the perfectionist approach taken just to make one thing right. For that, Tactica has our salutes. If you’re as impressed and wants a bottle opener that oozes with style, then you may want to consider supporting these downunder folks in their Kickstarter endeavor. A pledge of $20 AUD or more (about US$18) will secure yourself a piece with shipping included. Sounds like a good deal to us, but that will only materialize if the campaign hits the targeted funding goal of $10K AUD in the next 29 days. Continue reading a campaign pitch video.

Tactica One Precision Bottle Opener

Tactica One Precision Bottle Opener

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