if you are still suspicious about the whether headphones have indeed become a fashion statement, then this collaboration between fashion label Dolce & Gabbana and long-time audio equipment maker, Grado Labs should reinforced that notion. and read this: yes. headphones are fashion statements. period. with more than five decades of audio equipment design and manufacturing under Grado’s belt, a marriage as such would make perfect sense to the Italian fashion house cos’ no reputable fashion powerhouse would want to trade sound for looks and with Grado, it does not need to make sacrifices as it has both. the result is the Dolce & Gabbana x Grado DS2012 Headphones. based on the Grado Reference series (though, physically it look more to be based on the GS1000i), this pair of luxury audio cans features Grado’s ‘open-air’ technology for clearer sound reproduction across both high and low frequency bands. on the aesthetic front, the DS2012 features outer earcups handcrafted from specific precious mahogany wood, matched to large over-ear inner earcups. with two big names coming together (and one luxury fashion label), it is no surprise that this pair of headphones will not be cheap: expect to be slapped with a $1,250 bill for one of these. click through for a few more look.

via Extravaganzi

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