MÜV Fidget-friendly Chair by Zero5 Innovations

Sitting is awesome, but as it turns out, sitting kills more people than we care know. Sounds like a scary prospect, especially for a person like me who stay seated for hours on end. I guess sitting is an example of too much of a good thing. That said, if you jobs require to sit all-day long, then maybe it is wise to act on it before it harm your health (speaking to myself actually). With that goal in mind, you can do a few things: set a schedule to stand up and move a bit (stretch or whatnot), sit on a yoga ball, or you could just get the MÜV Chair. MÜV Chair is the brainchild of brilliant minds over at Zero5 Innovations and while it may looks rather run-of-the-mill, it is actually anything but.

It is intentionally designed to be unstable, which means it is totally fidget-friendly (good news for those who can’t sit still) and fidgeting, or the fight to keep yourself stable actually leads to you exercising while seated. Didn’t I say this thing is genius? It also helps in core strengthening, posture aligning, and keep you awake. Seriously, the latter is a feature that I badly need. Not a nap pod. My trusty Ikea armchair is always coaxing me to sleep when I am facing my computer. With the benefits, it is hard not to say yes to MÜV Chair and so, it is no surprise that the product’s Kickstarter campaign has pulled in more than double its set funding goal. Or may Casey Neistat was a factor.

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Whatever it is, you know it is not good to be seated for extended period of time on regular basis, and the MÜV Chair may just be the chair that will save you from being killed by the evil overlord called Sit Still. If you are sufficiently convinced so, then may we suggest that you not procrastinate because there’s just 14 hours or less for you to secure a unit at a significantly discounted price of $125 to $180. Don’t say we didn’t tell you. Hit up the video below to learn more.

Images: screengrab from YouTube video.

Submitted via TIP US page.