We have been told sand bags i.e. bags of hessian packed with sands can help mitigate attacks by small caliber firearms. They are not 100% bulletproof by any means. However, one gun nut, YouTuber DemolitionRanch, may have discovered a brilliant alternative that has even more stopping power over regular sand.

Kinetic Sand Stops Bullet DemolitionRanch

For the uninitiated, the toy-grade kinetic sand is made from fine sand and polydimetheylsiloxane aka dimethicone. What makes kinetic sand special is, it does not “flow” like regular sand; its viscosity increases under stress. This unusual property allows it to be formed into shapes and stuff much like Play-Doh.

In fact, it is like a cross between Play-Doh and the textile that hardens on impact we saw eons ago. Anywho, the dude bought a bunch of toy-grade kinetic sand (all 150 lbs of it, to be exact) and put it through the paces with different calibers of firearms.

And what do you know? It might actually work! The man tested the kinetic sand still packed in the original packaging, lined up in a row downrange. For the finale, a pile of purple, magical sand was shot at with a .50 cal incendiary BMG round. Skip ahead to see the magical sand in action.

Images: YouTube (DemolitionRanch).

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