eco-ideas: turn your Soda bottle into power-free light bulbs

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in certain situation, a room might just be still dark during the day due to (possibly) lack of windows. rather than installing lightings, this man decided to go with a more environmentally friendly approach – by using a water-filled soda bottle. to start off, this ain’t a new news, it was featured back in 2008 by some blogs but we thought it is a worthy news, especially with the rising oil price which could drive the electricity rates up further. the process of creating this free light is really quite fool-proof. all you need is to top up the soda bottle with clear water, topped with 2 capful of bleach to keep those nasty microorganisms built up at bay and stuck a film canister to protect the cap of the bottle from the harmful sunlight. once done, install them on your roof, with part of the bottle exposed outside, of course.

needless to say, proper weather proofing should be done around the bottle to keep the elements out. of course, this method would only work if there’s no ceiling in between. which means it would be an ideal way to light up standalone sheds or outhouses which are not hooked up to the grid. anyway, it turns out that this ingenious method of lighting is capable of putting out the equivalent of a 50 watt incandescent light bulb. not bad at all. check out the video after the jump.

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