what follows this DeLorean is another DeLorean hot on its heel

Delorean with DeLorean Trailer 544x311px
(image credit: Gizmodo)

this an example of making good use of spares. spotted on the road was a DeLorean DMC-12 with, what appeared to be another DMC-12 hot on its heels but it turns out be a trailer that was created out of the DeLorean spares. this could be an idea too late as Doc could have use this extra space to tow back the stuff he collected from the future. right, Doc? Doc, you reading this? i was blessed to have the opportunity to sit inside of this fine brushed stainless steel example a couple of years ago and it delights me to see a trailer version too. though, i probably won’t be able to own one (the car and the trailer) myself. check out the license plate on the trailer ‘De Tail‘…hmmm i like!
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via Gizmodo

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