This is it. It is officially the Year of the Dragon and one mall in Hong Kong is ushering in the new Chinese zodiac sign with the Guinness World Record-breaking 33-meter-long (108 feet!) “Flying Balloon Dragon.”

33-meter-long Flying Balloon Dragon Guinness World Records

Tmtplaza, under the Hong Kong Sino Group, is ringing in the Year of the Dragon with a sky-high celebration called “Blessings of the Auspicious Dragon.” Imagine a dragon soaring through the air, not just any dragon, but one crafted from over 38,000 biodegradable rubber balloons.

The brains behind this aerial beast are none other than the balloon wizard Pang Sze Tai Wilson, a two-time World Balloon Convention champ, who teamed up with his mentor, the talented Taiwanese artist Ho Kun-Lung, Shandong’s own Qu Xusheng, and a crew of eager students from the City University of Hong Kong and The Methodist Lee Wai Lee College. Together, they’ve woven a tale of tradition and creativity, clinching a Guinness World Record for their colossal balloon dragon.

33-meter-long Flying Balloon Dragon Guinness World Records
Now, that is a super cool balloon dragon! 🐉😎🔥

This isn’t your garden-variety decoration. This dragon, adorning the atrium of tmtplaza until February 18, 2024, is a marvel of craftsmanship. Every horn, whisker, and eyeball has been lovingly shaped to bring this golden creature to life, symbolizing a year brimming with prosperity.

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It’s a testament to the dazzling world of balloon art, where heritage meets a puff of innovation. So, if you’re in the area, don’t miss this breathtaking spectacle that promises to elevate the festive spirit to new heights.

Unfortunately, we do not have more photos, but if you are in Hong Kong, you may head down to tmtplaza to see the balloon-made dragon in the flesh, I mean in rubber. It is located at the main atrium, 1/F.

Images: tmtplaza.

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