It is not secret that the Guinness World Records have gotten rather preposterous with all kinds of bizarre records logged. I mean how is it that intentionally stepping on LEGO bricks is a record? If I were to describe world records, it would say there’s always a record waiting to be set. In other words, there are only records you haven’t think of, but no records can’t be logged. If that makes any sense at all.

Tallest Stack of M&M’s Guinness World Records

Anywho, one of the recent Guinness World Records that has us totally bewildered is this: Tallest Stack of M&M’s. Yes. Believe it. That is a world record too. Set by a 23-year-old Brit Will Cutbill from Solihull, U.K. during the third lockdown in the country, this new record saw Cutbill stacking five M&M’s chocolate on top of each other.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I am not belittling the feat. Stacking M&M’s is not a walk in the park by any means. It amuses us, however, as it reminds us how everything and anything can be a record. I mean, it used to be “the highest tight rope walked” or the longest nails and stuff.

Tallest Stack of M&M’s Guinness World Records

With this, Cutbill wiped the previous record of four stacked M&M’s set by Silvio Sabba of Italy and Brendan Kelbie of Australia.

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The Guinness World Records Tallest Stack of M&M’s was set by Will on January 31, 2021 at his hometown of Solihull.

After reading this, are you inspired to get your name on the book too? Perhaps, for the tallest stack of Skittles?

Images: Guinness World Records.

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