For experienced water sports enthusiasts, there is nothing quite like the thrill of getting soaking wet while engaging in adrenaline-filled activities. These guys and girls will already know what to bring and leave at home when they participate in their chosen sport.

However, it can be a daunting prospect for the uninitiated to consider what you need. As such, you should think about what equipment and gear you’ll need not only to enjoy yourself but to remain safe throughout the experience.

This post will discuss some of the more essential items to bring along, including safety gear and things that will make the trip more comfortable. You should note that watersports are a broad term, so the items in this post might not be conducive to every sport, but they should cover most.

What Gear You Need To Have To Truly Enjoy Watersports Experience?
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Inflatable Kayak/SUP/Boat

Suppose you find yourself engaging in water-based activities wherever you go traveling but spend a fortune on renting things like kayaks or SUP. In that case, you could benefit from buying your own inflatable version. Taking your own vessels wherever you go is a great way to enjoy them when the mood strikes you.

However, not all are created equal, and there are some things that you should keep an eye for, especially when it comes to inflatable kayaks. Watersports Whiz, a professional watersports business, states on their website that there are several things you need to consider if you are in the market for one of these devices. These include the number of seats (single or tandem), the materials used for its construction, and especially its weight and portability. Regarding that latter point, you should choose one that is lightweight, within the confines of your particular circumstances. This will be even more important if you plan on taking it with you for the majority of your trips.


If you are going to spend any length of time in the water, a wetsuit is highly recommended. A wetsuit is a garment that covers the body from head to toe and protects it against cold water. They are typically neoprene, synthetic rubber with excellent thermal properties. The suit is usually tight-fitting and made with a hood and closed feet to keep water out. They are specially designed to keep your body as warm as possible while maintaining flexibility. In addition, they also protect your skin from excessive damage caused by prolonged exposure to water (especially salt water).

On the other hand, a dry suit is a protective garment to keep you dry. It is typically made of neoprene and incorporates an air space between the diver’s skin and the suit. Drysuits are available in different levels of protection, with increased insulation to keep divers warm. They also vary in how much they restrict movement, ranging from lightweight suits that allow for easy movement to more restrictive suits designed for extreme cold water diving. Drysuits are worn by divers who want to stay dry while underwater, but they are also popular with swimmers and surfers because they offer protection from cold water and help them stay warm during cold weather.

Whether you choose a wet or dry suit will depend on several factors, but you can think of it as follows. A wetsuit is ideal for you to spend time in cold water as they are better able to keep you warm. They are suitable for surfing, diving and so on. A dry suit will be best if you want to remain dry during your activity but will be around water. They are perfect for SUP, kayaking, and sometimes windsurfing.

What Gear You Need To Have To Truly Enjoy Watersports Experience?
Image: Unsplash (frank mckenna).


Anyone who has spent any time around water will know all too well the pain of dropping something fragile into the salty brine. Fortunately, that is why the dry bag was invented. Dry bags are waterproof bags typically used for water-based activities like boating, kayaking, and even camping. These bags are usually made of a durable material such as PVC and have a zipper closure with extra fabric that folds over several times to ensure a tight seal.

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Life Jacket

Despite the next point relating to safety gear, life jackets are so indispensable that they deserve their own section. In any activity near or in water, a life jacket is often considered the most essential item of safety equipment. You might want to invest in your own high-quality one if you participate in many water sports activities. You should never forget that no matter how good a swimmer you are, a life jacket will save you in all situations. For example, if your kayak capsizes and you hit your head on a rock, you have a much better chance of surviving if you are wearing such a device. When you are selecting one, you should consider the following:

● You should be able to wear it comfortably
● The buoyancy level should be adequate for your chosen activity
● It should be certified by the relevant department of your country
● It should suit your style (if it looks great, you will be more likely to wear it)

General Safety Gear

The safety gear you should invest in will vary depending on your activity of choice. For instance, if you will be participating in sports like canyoning or kayaking, you should wear a helmet at all times. However, it is also prudent to bring a first aid kit with you as you never know what could happen.

What Gear You Need To Have To Truly Enjoy Watersports Experience?
Image: Unsplash (Devon Wilson).

Action Camera With Waterproof Case

Watersports are an exhilarating form of entertainment, and as such, you should bring an action camera along with you to capture the moment. Although other models exist, the most common example is GoPro. However, regardless of brand, you should ensure that you have a waterproof case for apparent reasons and capture exciting underwater shots.

Snorkeling Gear

Snorkeling is fun for all ages, and the beauty is that the equipment is often very affordable. All you need is a diving mask (one that covers your eyes and nose) and the snorkel itself. With these two items, you can explore the world beneath the waves and catch a glimpse of some of the world’s most unique creatures. Moreover, you can quickly bring them with you if you are paddle-boarding or surfing and go snorkeling when the fancy takes you!

As you can see, there are many things that you can invest in that will make your water sports experience more enjoyable. However, if you can only buy one thing, you should invest in a high-quality lifejacket, which could end up saving your life one day.

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