Hong Kong-based bag maker FX Creations has given its high-tech AGS Pro backpack the Evangelion spin. Part of the greater Evangelion x FX Creations Collection, the FX Creations EVA Test Type-01 AGS Pro Backpack features details that reference the armors that restraint the true nature of the EVA Unit-01 (read: super cool).

The FX Creations EVA Test Type-01 AGS Pro Backpack may not be clad in EVA armor but it is made of tough, water-repellent canvas material to enable it to endure the daily rigors. And it is voluminous! Capable of swallowing up numerous items for backpacking across a post-apocalyptic wasteland and thanks to the multiple compartments, you’d be pretty organized.

This being an AGS Pro bag, it also benefits from FX Creations’ AGS Suspension System, a stainless steel rebound core that absorbs downward impact and creates upward rebound force, thereby protecting your muscle and spine from the weight of the backpack and its content.

FX Creations EVA Test Type-01 AGS Pro Backpack

Other features include EVA back pad, breathable straps, an adjustable chest strap, a USB charging port.

If you are down, you can find the FX Creations EVA Test Type-01 AGS Pro Backpack being sold on FX for US$137.99 and on fxcreations.com at a discounted price of US$119. You can also find more EVA-themed bags as well as a super cool-looking suitcase on fxcreations.com.

Images: FX Creations.

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