Transformers Studio Series Toys August 2021

Nostalgia is what Hasbro is drumming up with its Transformers Studio Series 86 toy line. And what is a toy line based on 1986 The Transformers: The Movie without coronation of Starscream toy? The scene may be super short, but it is just as iconic as it can get. That said, you don’t need to own an expensive and now hard-to-find masterpiece to get a coronation Starscream because there is a mainline toy of it too.

Hasbro Transformers Studio Series 86 Coronation Starscream

Folks, meet the Transformers Studio Series 86 Coronation Starscream. Based on the Earthrise line Starscream which converts between a fighter jet and robot mode in 29 steps, the 8.5-inch tall Transformers Studio Series 86 Coronation Starscream features the animated movie-inspired deco and comes with no less than 7 accessories, including 2 shoulder armor pieces, the crown, and cape. Hasbro is even including a throne, even though it was not shown in the movie.

The Transformers Studio Series 86-12 Leader The Transformers: The Movie Coronation Starscream will sell for US$52.99 when it starts shipping on January 01, 2022.

Hasbro Transformers Studio Series 86 Coronation Starscream

Pre-orders on were promptly sold out. But thankfully, you can still pre-order it from retailers like the Big Bad Toy Store for US$54.99.

In related news, there are two more Studio Series based on the 1986 animated movie and they are Transformers Studio Series 86-10 Voyager The Transformers: The Movie Decepticon Sweep (which really is a Studio Series 86 Scourge repaint as it should be), and many fans’ favorite, Transformers Studio Series 86-11 Deluxe The Transformers: The Movie Perceptor.

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The Perceptor features three modes: robot, microscope, and not-seen-on-screen but fans-knew-it-existed tank mode.

The Studio Series Sweep will sell for US$31.99 and the Perceptor for US$22.99 when they become available on January 01, 2022.

As with the Starscream figure, preorders for Sweep and Perceptor were promptly snapped up on, but you can still pre-order them on stores like Big Bad Toy Store for US$24.99US$33.99.

Images: Hasbro.