Remember the time when we told you Evangelion is getting into Esports with a line of gaming hardware. Well, in addition to the hardware that we have seen earlier, it appears that MSI will also be supplying some of e:Project gaming hardware.

MSI x Evangelion e:Project Collaboration Edition

Called MSI x Evangelion e:Project Collaboration Edition, MSI’s contribution includes a mainboard, an AIO, a PC case, and a power supply unit (PSU). It does not look like MSI’s offering has to do with the initial announcement but we could be wrong.

Anyways, MSI’s list of custom color, EVA-themed hardware includes the MAG B660 Tomahawk mainboard, the MAG Coreliquid C240 liquid cooler, the MPG Gungnir 110R mid-tower ATX PC case, and the MAG A650BN Power Supply Unit.

MSI x Evangelion e:Project Collaboration Edition

Not going to lie. I am completely sold because, you know, purple AND Evangelion.

Exactly when these components will be available for PC enthusiasts to put together their very own EVA-themed PC is unknown. The same goes for the pricing. However, we heard that MSI x Evangelion e:Project Collaboration Edition will be out later this year (2022).

Images: MSI.

via Tom’s Hardware.

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