Believe It Or Not, This 1:1 Scale Iron Man Is A Custom PC Case Mod

With so many talented PC modders around, there is certainly no “the best PC mod” but there is surely the biggest when it comes to scale. Now, you must be thinking, ‘what’s there to be scale when it comes to PC mod?’ Well, that my friend is exactly what this Life-size Iron Man Mk 45 […]

Here’s The Limited Edition MSI Trident 3 In Cool, Icy White Color

Usually gaming rig is defined by the color black, but if black is not your cuppa and you need a powerful off-the-shelf rig, well, then here’s the MSI Trident 3 VR7RD-048US Arctic Limited Edition Gaming PC for you. Based on the award winning Trident 3 introduced earlier this year, Arctic Limited Edition, as the product […]

MSI Usher The Era Of Virtual Reality With Lighter And Slimmer Backpack PC

So, the Backpack PC we read about back in June is not what MSI has in mind about a wearable gaming computer. Lets just chuck that aside and meet MSI’s newest iteration of the soon-to-be-hot PC-on-your-back movement. Dubbed VR One (not to be confused with ZEISS VR One headset), MSI is quick to stake claim […]

MSI Show Off Backpack PC For Virtual Reality At Computex Taipei 2016

What’s the biggest thing this season? Virtual Reality. Well, not just Virtual Reality, but Virtual Reality backpacks. Why? Because nobody wants to be tripping over cables when there’s a VR headset glued to their heads and because VR should be mobile. As it turns out, HP isn’t the only company tinkering with the idea of […]

MSI WT72 6QN, The World’s First NVIDIA VR Ready Workstation Costs $5,500

Whether you are a creator or consumer of VR content, MSI’s newest mobile workstation, WT72 6QN is going to put a smile on your first (well, that’s before you notice the price tag, but more on that later). As the post title said, it is the world’s first NVIDIA VR ready mobile workstation, featuring NVIDIA’s […]

MSI Vortex G65: Powerful Gaming PC With Seriously Tiny Footprint

Thanks to the MSI Vortex G65 Mini-tower Gaming PC, your days with clunky tower that takes up a chunk of your table top is over. At a size measuring 7.61 x 7.01 x 10.55 inches, this 8.8 lbs gaming rig is no bigger than a subwoofer and best part is, it ain’t a box like […]

MSI’s Eye-tracking Gaming Laptop Hit The Shelves For $2,600

If you think today’s games are getting so complex that digits and hands aren’t enough to cope, then MSI GT72S G Tobii Gaming Laptop with Eye-Tracking Technology is for you. Billed as “the world’s first gaming notebook that unlocks the power of vision,” the GT72S G Tobii allows you to do things like switching targets […]

This Insanely Detailed, Ginormous Jedi Star Destroyer Is Actually A PC Case

We thought we have seen some pretty wild custom PC cases, but obviously we were wrong; we have seen nothing yet. If there’s anything this world lacks, talented PC modders with the knack for creating incredible cases are not one of them and the Venator Class Star Destroyer custom PC case you see here is […]

MSI’s New Palm-size Cubi N Mini-PC Boasts Intel Brawell Processor That Sips Just 15W of Power

With mini-PC getting more powerful and smaller, it is a wonder if there’s still a place for standalone DVD/BD players. That’s just a thought, because looking at what MSI’s newest palm-size PC, Cubi N, has to offer, we really think things will not end up well for traditional standalone players. Heck, we didn’t think media […]

MSI Announces The World’s First Gaming Laptop Outfitted with Mechanical Keyboard

Graphics is not the only factor affecting a gamer’s decision on whether to go for a portable or a desktop gaming rig. There is one other thing a desktop has to offer that laptop can’t: mechanical keyboard. For ages, desktop PC gamers have been enjoying the goodness brought about by mechanical keyboard, but for laptop […]