get rid of your waterskis, Jetlev to finally goes on sales

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move over waterskis, there’s a new water sports in town that lets you fly off the water. the world was introduced to Raymond Li’s water-powered Jetpack back in 2009, well, it is set to go on sale this March for a cool $99,500.
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unlike a ‘conventional’ Jetpack, the Jetlev is propelled by water instead of rocket fuel. the Jetlev Jetpack is constructed out of lightweight fiberglass or carbon fiber backpack connected to a hose that suck up water. the Jetlev gains impressive thrust-to-weight ratio by having its propulsion engine, fuel and related systems on a separate vessel tethered behind the Jetpack. according to New Scientist, this device has a thrust-to-weight ratio that’s three times that of a fighter jet.

it produces 430 pounds of thrust and is capable of 22-mph forward flight and has a ceiling of 30-feet. according to Li, piloting the Jetlev has “the same reaction force a firefighter experiences when he points a water jet at a fire.” having personally experienced with a firefighting water jet, i can imagine the power that Li described.

the pilot uses the Jetpack’s handle bars to adjust the water pressure and control the movement by directing the nozzles direction. not only the Jetlev could be the new age water sports but could potentially become a safe training platform for the future rocket-fuel-guzzling counterpart like the Martin Jetpack. the Jetlev Flyer will be available for sale this March and will set you back at a hefty $99,500 price tag. well, at least it’s cheaper than the original estimates of $100k+ price tag.

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via PopSci & New Scientist

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