In the recent segment of You Make It We Skate It, YouTube channel Braille Skateboarding unboxed a fan-sent custom skateboard deck which they are supposed to try it, which they did, as always. It was sent to the team by one jsk8er69. And this one caught our eyes, not because it was dangerous like an axe or adheres to metal with 80 pounds of force, but because it was actually pretty well made and because, Louis Vuitton. Apparently, jsk8er69 sacrificed his mum’s favorite purse to wrap a deck with LV leather. Wait. Did he really do that? I am sure he must be joking. Right?

Anyways, whether real or not, the deed was done and man, the result is pretty studding, wait, we mean to say, stunning. We are not sure how jsk8er69 got the leather to adhere to the wooden deck (probably glue), but we can see nice detail touches like stud/rivet going around the side to hold down the down, which also serves as added visual effect, and also, a braille-like pattern with stud/rivet decorates the deck midsection which makes the entire deck look even more awesome. However, the question is, is Louis Vuitton leather, or any leather for that matter, any eff as a grip tape on a skateboard? As it turns out, it kind of works, but definitely not as effective as your normal, more abrasive grip tape (obviously).

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And if what jsk8er69 said was true and the LV leather turns out to be authentic, this could very well be the world’ most expensive grip tape. Go ahead and consume the video in its entirety below.

Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

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