3D Printed Titanium Skateboard Truck Is A Possibly That’s Very Expensive

3D printed titanium is a luxury that’s probably reserved for companies like Bugatti. Since after VW’s Bugatti revealed the world’s first 3D printed titanium brake caliper, it has went on and got the innovative brake caliper tested. The test vindicated the power of titanium when under the duress of extreme heat which, if you think […]

No. Louis Vuitton Didn’t Make This Skateboard But It Will Be Cool If It Did

In the recent segment of You Make It We Skate It, YouTube channel Braille Skateboarding unboxed a fan-sent custom skateboard deck which they are supposed to try it, which they did, as always. It was sent to the team by one jsk8er69. And this one caught our eyes, not because it was dangerous like an […]

Braille Skateboard Put A Custom-made LEGO Skateboard To The Test

Given the versatility of the world’s most famous brick, it is totally possible to build a skateboard out of LEGO bricks, but the question is: can it be used? Well, one man is going to find when he built one and lets skateboarding how-to channel on YouTube, Braille Skateboarding, have a go with it. Timmy […]