Given the versatility of the world’s most famous brick, it is totally possible to build a skateboard out of LEGO bricks, but the question is: can it be used? Well, one man is going to find when he built one and lets skateboarding how-to channel on YouTube, Braille Skateboarding, have a go with it. Timmy Joe, a dude who reviews everything on YouTube, took up the challenge put forth by Braille Skateboarding for someone to build a LEGO skateboard to be used in the channel’s segment called You Make It We Skate It. And so Tim did, spending hours to create a ridable skateboard and in the process he kinda wiped out his childhood collection of loose LEGO bricks.

Braille Skateboarding Rides A LEGO Skateboard

Prior to the final iteration, he went through a proof of concept LEGO skateboard, which we all know how it ended. LEGO bricks are never mean to be loaded, even if they are glued using whatever super strong adhesive and so, not surprisingly, the prototype board gave way the moment he put one foot on. As a work around, some wooden strips were added to back the bricks up and the front and tail end, where kicks are expected to happen, are actually actual ends from an old skateboard deck. Anyways, he sent the completed ridable LEGO skateboard to Braille Skateboarding to be tested.

The verdict was, it does indeed rolls, but tricks that have significant impact on it, which basically means every trick on the book, doesn’t go down well with the board. Almost every tricks resulted in some bricks flying out, until a backside 180 broke it into two. A good try nonetheless and a grim reminder that LEGO is mostly art and not quite to make something that you can actually use. Well, not unless we are talking about made-from-LEGO vending machine.

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Image: screengrab via YouTube video.

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