Two things that are really amazing about this particular LEGO project by Youtuber Astonishing Studios. First, this dude is only 16 years old and second, it is a fully functional McNugget vending machine – made entirely out of LEGO with a little help from LEGO robotic kit, Mindstorms. Granted, this sweet little creation can only hold and ‘sell’ two boxes of McDonald’s Chicken McNugget with no option for the choice of sauce. It is a pretty mind-blowing creation nonetheless and an awesome showcase of LEGO’s flexibility and Astonishing Studios’ creativity.

The setup includes a clever but simple solution to reject coins based on their sizes. Coins that are not of the correct value will simply fall through to the coin return chute, while coin of the accepted value (i.e. a two euro coin) slides down the internal rails and proceed to disrupt a light sensor at the bottom, which in turns trigger a motor to release the nuggets and sauce simultaneously. Proceeds from the sale is stored in a concealed coin box which is only revealed using a LEGO gear ‘key’.

It took Astonishing Studios 4 days to build the McNugget Vending Machine which he posted the details over on his Youtube channel a couple of weeks ago. He have since adapted this design to dispense Doritos. But vending machine is not the only thing he has created; he has created a bunch, including pinball machine and even a snow cone maker – all made out of LEGO, of course. Again, simply mind-blowing creations.

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