standard bicycles would take curbs, stairs and snow as a clear sign of stop riding, but not with the Limited Edition Budnitz FTB Fat Bike. as the name clearly expressed, this bike is fat; not in the frame though, but on the tires. it has a set of massively big 3.5-inch rubbers, and together with a carbon belt drive, 14-speed Rohloff Speedhub, Budnitz’s trademark titanium cantilever frame (as found in the original Budnitz bike), and of course, your awesome pedal power, allows it to maneuver over curbs, deep potholes, gravel ground, dirt trails, mud, sand, snow, and even ice. and oh, if you fancy, you can even travel down flights of stairs, but that’s of course, at your own risk, or at least you should be geared up with the proper safety equipment. as for going through snow, that must be one heck of a tedious, muscle-agonizing pedaling experience, but still, if it can, why not?

other features include handmade FTB twin-tube cantilever titanium frame that weighs in at under 4 pounds, USA-made carbon fork from White Brothers, German-engineered internal transmission, Budnitz titanium riser bar, stem and badges, and a choice of anodized red Paul Components Love Levers and mechanical brakes, or Formula hydraulic brakes. all Limited Edition Budnitz FTB Fat Bike are built-to-order with a sticker starting at $7,000. but just how limited is the limited edition? we have absolutely no idea. all we know is, if you intend to ride over the terrains this fat bike is capable of, you better start training your legs. have a few more look in the image gallery below and tells us if you would drop 7 grand for a bike that can take your through thick and thin.

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